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Southern Plumbing News Letter

613 Stallings Road, Matthews, North Carolina 28105 Are you waiting too long for hot water? Is your Water Heater on one side of your house and your bathrooms on the other? Does it take 2-3 minutes for your water to get hot in any part of your house? In North Carolina,...

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Plumbing And Bathroom Safety For Seniors

When there are seniors in the home, plumbing and bathroom safety is a priority. Accidents happen in bathrooms often enough to warrant a regular safety review. A professional plumbing contractor can provide a safety audit and make recommendations specifically with...

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PVC Pipes – Top Quality And Durability

Using PVC pipes in residential homes have a large number of benefits. Inch and a half or two inch PVC pipes are considered state-of-the-art for residential piping needs. The reason is simple. While other methods may be lower in cost, they can also be a source of...

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