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613 Stallings Road, Matthews, North Carolina 28105

Are you waiting too long for hot water?

Is your Water Heater on one side of your house and your bathrooms on the other?

Does it take 2-3 minutes for your water to get hot in any part of your house?

In North Carolina, the average household consumes 70,743 gallons of water per year at an annual cost of $176.81. On average each household in North Carolina waste in excess of  16,000 gallons of water annually. In total, hot water recirculation could save the state of North Carolina more than 200 million gallons of water per year.

By installing the Grundfos Comfort System you will have instant hot water to all fixtures, providing an average savings to YOU $100.00 each month!

Call us today @ (704) 800-4013 to discuss details of this product.  

Offering 30 years of exceptional service and experience.

Emergency after hours service is available.

Ask us about our Senior Citizens & Veterans Discount.

Two year warranty on plumbing installations and the Grundfos Comfort System.

Free Estimates offered!

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Plumbing and Bathroom Safety For Seniors Sun, 19 Jun 2011 18:40:51 +0000 Dale When there are seniors in the home, plumbing and bathroom safety is a priority. Accidents happen in bathrooms often enough to warrant a regular safety review. A professional plumbing contractor can provide a safety audit and make recommendations specifically with seniors in mind. This is one way to have peace of mind when seniors live alone or need special bathroom accessories for safety.

The Simplest Things Can Be Unsafe In A Bathroom
While it may seem insignificant, bathroom faucets, for example, may not be a major issue for the younger generation. Seniors with debilitations to mobility or hand coordination find the simple act of turning a faucet on more difficult. A professional plumbing contractor offers advice on the best and safest types of faucets for seniors. Plumbing contractors are well-versed in the correct levels of hand pressure required of seniors to turn faucets on and off more easily as well as safest levels of water pressure. This is just one example of how important an expert plumbing professional is for seniors planning to upgrade plumbing in bathrooms.

Innovations in Today’s Plumbing Features Help Seniors
Discuss the most up-to-date innovations in bathroom plumbing features with your plumbing expert. Many of these newest features for toilets, showers, tubs and sinks are attractive additions to homes and yet, offer top notch safety. Don’t forget plumbing contractors have a broad knowledge of safety codes. Seniors are also assured of regulatory compliance with plumbing installations. If there are questionable or faulty areas in the plumbing design of a home, it’s nice to know it will be detected and resolved. This takes the guess work out of living in older homes with seniors.

When It’s Time To Remodel, Choose The Best
Having access to the best plumbing experts when it’s time to renovate or remodel a bathroom for added safety for seniors is a necessity that shouldn’t be overlooked. They offer ideas and suggestions on changes that have a designer appeal to the eye without compromising conventional safety features. This way, seniors feel no radical adjustments to their daily lives. Most seniors actually appreciate the modern features in bathroom plumbing because it means less regular maintenance. Today’s plumbing fixtures are made from durable materials that wear far longer and are a good investment. Choose a reputable, reliable plumbing contractor for new bathroom plumbing projects whenever senior safety is an issue.

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PVC Pipes – Top Quality And Durability Mon, 30 May 2011 04:37:44 +0000 Dale

Using PVC pipes in residential homes have a large number of benefits. Inch and a half or two inch PVC pipes are considered state-of-the-art for residential piping needs. The reason is simple. While other methods may be lower in cost, they can also be a source of potential problems. With any types of metal pipes, there’s always a concern about faster corrosion with higher water temperatures as well as freezing and bursting should a winter storm cause lack of home heating. Fortunately, PVC pipes for residential homes offers a much better answer.

Metal Pipes Can Leach Residue Into Water
Over time and with high volume use, copper, stainless steel and galvanized steel pipes often leach metal residues into potable water systems in homes. PVC is fabricated from thermoplastic materials so that this problem is avoided completely. PVC pipes can stand up to high and low temperatures without serious loss of piping integrity.

Corrosion-Resistant PVC
In addition to being inexpensive and widely used in most types of construction projects, PVC piping is safe biologically and chemically. It’s the most popular for use in residences where pipes and pipe fittings are safely and securely fused for faster completion of installation. For homeowners, PVC pipes are easy to cut with a handsaw and can be fused easily with any comprehensive plastic glue.

The thermoplastic material, polyvinyl chloride, in PVC pipes make them virtually leak-proof over a longer period of time. Plumbing consultants and specialists prefer PVC for residential homes and homeowners appreciate the lower costs of PVC pipes. PVC pipe is corrosion-resistant which makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as for conveyance of laundry water through residential outflow piping. Plumbers generally choose Schedule 40 PVC pipes with ISO and ASTM compliance ratings.

PVC Pipes For Best Quality
PVC pipes in inch and a half and/or two inch sizes for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room drains is a standard choice among plumbing professionals. In addition, connecting pipes to sewer lines can also be constructed with PVC pipes. However, this type of piping can also be used for lawn irrigation systems. Today’s PVC pipes have become a decorator item for use in lawn chairs and tables. They’ve also been used for interior furniture as part of ultra-modern home decor. Most plumbing consultants recommend PVC as replacements for older piping in residences for best quality.

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